New paper: Review on evolutionary prediction

In late 2019, a bunch of people gathered at the Lorentz Center in The Netherlands to think about how we can predict evolution, and what we need to do better. It was a fantastic meeting, and we just published one of the outcomes – a review discussing different kinds of evolutionary predictions, factors that increase predictability,... Continue Reading →

2019 Conference season is upon us!

We are off to various conferences this year. Come listen to our talks, visit our posters, and talk science! Aparna is already at Evolution 2019, to talk about the role of microbiomes during host adaptation in the Hamilton Award Symposium. We are rather proud that Aparna was selected to present as a finalist! She will... Continue Reading →

NCBS Annual Talks 2015

Our campus annual talks just finished, and many of us from the lab presented our work. It was a hectic but fun few days. Here are some pictures of lab people with their posters.

Evolution Symposium: Celebrating Wallace

I'm very happy to announce a day-long symposium on evolutionary biology on 7 Nov 2013, which I am organizing along with Krushnamegh Kunte at NCBS. The symposium is in honor of Alfred Russel Wallace, who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection along with Charles Darwin. Applications for research posters are due 15 Oct,... Continue Reading →

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