Announcing the 2020 ICTS School on Population Genetics and Evolution


Kavita Jain and I are pleased to announce the fourth edition of the Bangalore School on Population genetics and Evolution. As always, we have an exciting speaker lineup, and we look forward to a group of enthusiastic participants. We invite applications from PhD students and postdocs (and exceptional MSc students) from biology, computer science, physics, or mathematics backgrounds. The key requirement is a strong interest in population genetics and/or evolutionary biology. Applications close 1 Oct 2019. For more information, see the school website.

2019 Conference season is upon us!

We are off to various conferences this year. Come listen to our talks, visit our posters, and talk science!

Aparna is already at Evolution 2019, to talk about the role of microbiomes during host adaptation in the Hamilton Award Symposium. We are rather proud that Aparna was selected to present as a finalist! She will also present a poster, and speak at the Story Collider event, Outside the Distribution. Do go talk to her!

In early July I will be at the Gordon Research Conference for Microbial Population Biology at Andover, NH, USA, presenting a poster on our beetle microbiome work. I’m super excited about this meeting, which is a great collection of microbially inclined folks.

Around the same time, Laasya will present a poster on her mistranslation work, at the EMBO|EMBL symposium on New approaches and concepts in microbiology in Heidelberg, Germany.

At the end of July, Parth and I will head to SMBE 2019 in Manchester, UK, presenting posters on the evolution and importance of translation and mistranslation, respectively. I am also organizing a symposium on the Causes of Parallel Molecular Evolution with Alex Couce. Come visit our posters, and listen to the amazing speakers in our symposium!

In August, Vrinda will be in Turku, Finland, speaking at ESEB 2019 about the population dynamics of laboratory-evolved beetles in new habitats. She has really fun data, so do check out her talk!

And finally, in the last week of August Laasya will present a poster and a talk at the FEMS summer school for postdocs: Bacterial robustness and mechanisms of death, in Split, Croatia.

Evolution Symposium: Celebrating Wallace

I’m very happy to announce a day-long symposium on evolutionary biology on 7 Nov 2013, which I am organizing along with Krushnamegh Kunte at NCBS. The symposium is in honor of Alfred Russel Wallace, who proposed the theory of evolution by natural selection along with Charles Darwin. Applications for research posters are due 15 Oct, 2013.

Find more information on the symposium website.

ICTS Program on Population Genetics

Applications due 13 October, 2013.

The program includes a two-day preparatory crash course and a week-long school on population genetics with some of the best teachers on the subject from around the world. This will be followed by a two-day discussion meeting packed with exciting research talks. The school is open to students and postdocs: biologists, physicists, mathematicians- anyone with a strong interest in  population genetic methods and evolutionary biology.

Find more information on the program webpage

Bangalore Evolution Group Meeting III

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR)

When: 25 April, starting at 3 pm

Speakers: R. Nandini (“Female-biased sexual size dimorphism in flying squirrels: exploring possible causes”) and Prof. Uma Shaanker (“Do ecological niche reflect adaptive landscape of species ?”)

A shuttle will leave from NCBS at 2.30 pm to take participants to JNCASR and bring them back after the meeting.