Papers: Perspectives and Reviews

Wortel M, Agashe D, …. and Pennings P [total 36 authors] (2023). Towards evolutionary predictions: current promises and challenges. Evolutionary Applications 16(1):3–21 Open Access

Agashe D (2022). The evolutionary impacts of synonymous mutations. In: Sauna Z and Kimchi-Sarfaty C (eds). Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms. Springer, Cham. Preprint | Online Access

Agashe D (2017). The road not taken: Could stress-specific mutations lead to different evolutionary paths? PLoS Biology 15(6): e2002862 Open access

Agashe D and Shankar N (2014). The evolution of bacterial DNA base composition. Journal of Experimental Zoology, series B 322 (7): 517-528 PDF

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