Papers: Host-microbe interactions

Lab members | Equal contribution

Agarwal A and Agashe D. Restoring ancestral microbiome aids beetle adaptation to new diets. Preprint


Sanjenbam P, Shivaprasad PV and Agashe D (2022). Impact of phyllosphere Methylobacterium on host rice landraces. Microbiology Spectrum 10(4):e00810-22 | Open access

Prakash A, Agashe D and Khan I (2022). The costs and benefits of basal infection resistance vs immune priming responses in an insect. Developmental and Comparative Immunology 126:104261 Preprint


Agarwal A and Agashe D (2020).The red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum: A model for host-microbiome interactions. PLoS One 15(10): e0239051 Open Access

Sanjenbam P, Buddidathi R, Venkatesan R, Shivaprasad PV and Agashe D (2020). Phenotypic diversity of Methylobacterium associated with rice landraces in North-east India. PLoS One 15(2): e0228550 Open Access


Phalnikar K, Kunte K and Agashe D (2019). Disrupting butterfly microbiomes does not affect host survival and development. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 286:20192438 Open Access | Featured in Quanta Magazine | NCBS news article

Deb R, Nair A and Agashe D (2019). Host dietary specialization and neutral assembly shape gut bacterial communities of wild dragonflies. PeerJ 7:e8058 Open Access | Featured in Quanta Magazine| NCBS news article

Khan I, Prakash A and Agashe D (2019). Pathogen susceptibility and fitness costs explain variation in immune priming across natural populations of flour beetles. Journal of Animal Ecology 88(9): 1332-1342 Online access | Preprint


Phalnikar K, Kunte K and Agashe D (2018). Dietary and developmental shifts in butterfly-associated bacterial communities. Royal Society Open Science 5:171559 Open access


Khan I, Prakash A, and Agashe D (2017). Experimental evolution of insect immune memory vs. pathogen resistance. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B  Published online Dec 2017 | News coverage | NCBS News article

Khan I, Agashe D and Rolff J (2017). Early life inflammation, immune response and aging. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 284:


Khan I, Prakash A and Agashe D (2016). Divergent immune priming responses across life stages and populations of flour beetles. Ecology and Evolution 6: 7847–7855 Open access

Nair A and Agashe D (2016). Host-specific, spatial and temporal variation in culturable gut bacterial communities of dragonflies. Current Science 110(8): 1513-1523. PDF | SI | Cover | Highlighted in “In this issue”

Khan I, Prakash A and Agashe D (2016). Immunosenescence and the ability to survive bacterial infection in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 291-301. PDF | SI

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