Join us!

We welcome motivated postdocs, JRFs, and graduate students who want to join us. If you are committed to research in evolution or ecology, read on!

Please read and think about our research before you approach me for a position. I strongly recommend reading some of our papers so that you know what kind of work we do. If you find our research interesting, please email me with your CV and a brief description of your research interests. I cannot respond to emails that do not include this information.

Summer interns: We will not be accepting summer interns in 2022.

MSc project interns: We are looking to accept one MSc thesis project student in 2022.

PhD applicants: PhD students either join the lab through the joint NCBS admissions, or register externally with UGC/CSIR/equivalent fellowships. If you fall in either category and are interested in our work, please email me. I would like to recruit one PhD student in 2022-2023.

Postdoc applicants: Currently we do not have a funded postdoctoral position, but we welcome applications from motivated and independent postdocs. Even if your research interests are not perfectly aligned with ongoing projects in the lab, I will be happy to discuss potential projects and funding possibilities.

JRFs/Project assistants: We are interested in recruiting a project assistant with prior training in microbiology and a strong interest in evolution. If you have a UGC/CSIR/equivalent fellowship, even better. Please write to me.

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