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Garushyants SK, Sane M, Selifanova MV, Agashe D, Bazykin GA and Gelfand MS. Mutational signatures in wild type Escherichia coli strains reveal dominance of DNA polymerase errors. Preprint

Prakash A, Agashe D and Khan I (In review). Disruption of flour beetle microbiota limits experimentally evolved immune priming response, but not pathogen resistance. Preprint

Hariharan N, Ghosh S, Nallan AN, Ramesh A, Agashe D and Palakodeti D (In review). ES30L: A large subunit rRNA expansion segment enriched in mammals and birds. Preprint


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Phalnikar K, Kunte K and Agashe D (2019). Disrupting butterfly microbiomes does not affect host survival and development. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 286:20192438 Open Access | Featured in Quanta Magazine | NCBS news article

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Agarwal A and Agashe D. Restoring ancestral microbiome aids beetle adaptation to new diets. Preprint


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Nair A and Agashe D (2016). Host-specific, spatial and temporal variation in culturable gut bacterial communities of dragonflies. Current Science 110(8): 1513-1523. PDF | SI | Cover | Highlighted in “In this issue”

Khan I, Prakash A and Agashe D (2016). Immunosenescence and the ability to survive bacterial infection in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum. Journal of Animal Ecology 85: 291-301. PDF | SI

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Tiple A, Agashe D, Khurad AM and Kunte K (2009). Population dynamics and seasonal polyphenism of Chilades pandava (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in central India. Current Science 97(12): 1774-1779 PDF

Agashe D (2009). The stabilizing effect of intraspecific genetic variation on population dynamics in novel and ancestral habitats. American Naturalist 174(2): 255-267 PDF | SI | Faculty of 1000 recommendation | American Society of Naturalists’ Student Paper Award

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