Lab turns 10!

This month the lab completes a decade of existence. I am proud of all the fun science we have done as a group over the years, and the myriad ways in which all of us have grown. A lot of earlier themes are wrapping up and there are new exciting directions to pursue. Onward, to... Continue Reading →

Congratulations Dr Ravi Kumar!

We are very proud of Vrinda, who successfully defended her PhD thesis following a fantastic seminar. Vrinda worked with long-term selection lines of beetles adapting to new resources to understand the factors that explain population dynamics during adaptation.

2018 Science Day at NCBS

The lab set up a booth at the campus science day last week. About a 1000 young students visited the campus and it was amazing to see the energy. Here are some pictures from our team, who did a great job!

NCBS Annual Talks 2015

Our campus annual talks just finished, and many of us from the lab presented our work. It was a hectic but fun few days. Here are some pictures of lab people with their posters.

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