Winter conference season

This winter is packed with exciting meetings! Here’s the menu:

Pratibha and I just returned from a fantastic SMBE satellite meeting in Kaziranga, Assam. Congratulations to Pratibha for getting a travel grant to present her work! The meeting brought together a bunch of people working on microbial evolution in natural and experimental populations. There was lively discussion on a wide range of topics in microbial evolution, good food, and of course, Rhinos. Big thanks to the key organizers, Siddartha Sankar Satapathy and Edward Feil!

Vrinda and I are now off to IISER Pune for a Conference on Evolutionary and Integrative Biology. The speaker lineup includes many seasoned and new evolutionary biologists across India, so we are looking forward to an exciting meeting.

Soon after this, the whole lab (and our campus) will participate in the 2018 NCBS Annual Talks. Mrudula, Rittik, Laasya, and Gaurav Agavekar will each present posters about their work; and Gaurav Diwan will present a short talk.

Finally, to conclude this conference season I will speak at an Indo-French workshop on Evolutionary Developmental and Cell biology (EVODECE) at the Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls sur Mer in France. The meeting is funded by CEFIPRA and DST, and features a very diverse collection of evolutionary and cell biologists from India and France.

Do come talk to us if you spot us at any of these events!

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