Rittik begins a faculty position

This post is delayed by about 10 months because we couldn’t have a nice farewell for Rittik during the pandemic. But he was back in the lab for a bit and we were able to do things properly this time around. We are very happy to report that Rittik has joined as a member of the faculty at Visva Bharati University in West Bengal. Rittik plans to continue addressing questions about microbial and insect ecology, behaviour, and evolution, and we look forward to exciting new work from his lab in the coming years.

Congratulations Dr Ravi Kumar!

We are very proud of Vrinda, who successfully defended her PhD thesis following a fantastic seminar. Vrinda worked with long-term selection lines of beetles adapting to new resources to understand the factors that explain population dynamics during adaptation.

Congratulations, Dr Mahajan!

Saurabh successfully defended his PhD thesis, for which he analysed patterns and causes of GC content evolution and codon usage across thousands of bacteria. He gave a superb (virtual) talk, and we all celebrated his successes with a custom cake on the lawn. Congratulations, Dr Mahajan!

Battling COVID-19 misinformation

As the pandemic unfolded (and continues) in India, some of us from the lab joined the ISRC, a motley group of scientists across India who banded together to address various issues relevant to COVID-19. The group has created a large repository of accurate scientific information about the pandemic; busted hoaxes; organized a number of formal and informal discussions; and produced population science articles to inform lay people. Importantly, all these resources are available in multiple regional languages. To find more, do visit the ISRC website, YouTube channel, or Facebook.