Rittik starts new faculty position

Former postdoctoral fellow Rittik Deb has joined the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) Bhubaneswar as an Assistant Professor. Congratulations Rittik, and we look forward to all of the exciting discoveries that you and your group will make in the coming years!

New paper: Bacterial associates can increase rice yield

The results of our field study of the impact of different Methylobacterium strains on their host rice landraces (traditionally cultivated rice varieties from Manipur) are out! We find that strains show host-specific effects (beneficial or deleterious). Though the mechanisms remain unclear still, it is clear that there is enormous potential to use beneficial host-bacterial interactions for... Continue Reading →

Laasya starts faculty position

We are very happy that former lab member Laasya has joined Ashoka University as an Assistant Professor and will be building her group there to continue exploring themes of mistranslation and antimicrobial resistance. If you are interested in these areas of research, do consider joining her lab.

Lab turns 10!

This month the lab completes a decade of existence. I am proud of all the fun science we have done as a group over the years, and the myriad ways in which all of us have grown. A lot of earlier themes are wrapping up and there are new exciting directions to pursue. Onward, to... Continue Reading →

Congratulations Dr Ravi Kumar!

We are very proud of Vrinda, who successfully defended her PhD thesis following a fantastic seminar. Vrinda worked with long-term selection lines of beetles adapting to new resources to understand the factors that explain population dynamics during adaptation.

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