Congratulations, Dr Mahajan!

Saurabh successfully defended his PhD thesis, for which he analysed patterns and causes of GC content evolution and codon usage across thousands of bacteria. He gave a superb (virtual) talk, and we all celebrated his successes with a custom cake on the lawn. Congratulations, Dr Mahajan!

Battling COVID-19 misinformation

As the pandemic unfolded (and continues) in India, some of us from the lab joined the ISRC, a motley group of scientists across India who banded together to address various issues relevant to COVID-19. The group has created a large repository of accurate scientific information about the pandemic; busted hoaxes; organized a number of formal... Continue Reading →

Rittik selected for a Ben Barres Spotlight award

Rittik was chosen as a runner-up for the first set of Ben Barres Spotlight awards, and will receive research funds. Rittik will use the funds to determine the molecular basis of assortative mating in laboratory-evolved populations of flour beetles. Congratulations, Rittik!

2019 Conference season is upon us!

We are off to various conferences this year. Come listen to our talks, visit our posters, and talk science! Aparna is already at Evolution 2019, to talk about the role of microbiomes during host adaptation in the Hamilton Award Symposium. We are rather proud that Aparna was selected to present as a finalist! She will... Continue Reading →

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